the ralph stanley museum and traditional mountain music center


The Ralph Stanley Museum exhibits use a combination of modern technology and immersive design to give visitors a complete, interactive experience. Plug-in headphones are available to listen to Ralph Stanley personally tell the story of his own history, as well as the history and major milestones of mountain music. 

Extended exhibit galleries highlight the beginnings of country music and modern bluegrass, as well as the life and music of Ralph Stanley’s brother, Carter, and the music they both listened to long before they became famous. 

Ralph Stanley donated much of the memorabilia on display at the museum, including countless awards, vintage instruments, one of his banjos, and even the Grammy he was awarded for the song O Death, written for the movie O Brother Where Art Thou.

Our museum also features a changing exhibits area and a gift shop, so visitors can take home souvenirs from their experience in southwestern Virginia.